What Kind of Camera does David Dobrik Use – In-depth Answer

David Dobrik is a very popular vlogger on YouTube, who creates rib-cracking contents almost on a weekly basis. If you frequently view his YouTube channel, then you must have been wondering what type of camera does David Dobrik use to produce his high-quality videos.

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David Dobrik does not talk about the type of camera he uses to create his YouTube videos, so we can’t say for sure what kind of camera he is using. Nonetheless, to make things easier for you, we have carefully researched and compiled this article to tell you everything you need to know about David Dobrik’s camera. But we will start off by telling you a little about Who David Dobrik is:

What Kind of Camera does David Dobrik Use – Who is David Dobrik?

David Dobrik is an award-winning YouTube vlogger, who has more than twelve million subscribers and hundreds of videos. His funny yet enlightening contents have earned him a plethora of awards, including the Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year and Streamy Award for Best Breakout Content.

Even though he received some backlash for some offensive comments he made some time ago, his fans continue to multiply and his influence in the vlogging industry is still unwavering.

David Dobrik and other notable YouTube vloggers have not only succeeded in gathering millions of viewers over the years, but also millions of dollars in their accounts. In fact, Dobrik has an estimated net worth of about four million dollars. Because of this, many persons are venturing into vlogging today with the hope of following his footsteps.

What Kind of Camera Does David Dobrik Use – Canon 80D DSLR Digital Camera

David Dobrik does not usually talk about the equipment he uses in producing his videos. Nonetheless, we are certain that in 2018 he was using Canon 80D DSLR. This camera comes with an Ef/EF-S lens mount which is one of the widest in the market. It also comes with an inbuilt flash, and if you want to mount an external flash, then its flash shoe will come in handy.

In addition, this digital camera weighs over 730g, which is actually the standard weight of digital single-lens reflex cameras. With a size of 5.47 x 4.13 x 3.11 inches, Canon 80D is quite small, so you won’t feel any pain even if you hold it for more than 12 hours. This is the kind of camera designed for people like David Dobrik.

Canon 80D DSLR camera is coated with weather sealings to make it water, dust and cold resistant. Hence, even if you have to shoot a video in a location where the weather condition is terrible, you don’t have to worry about your camera malfunctioning.

The Canon 80D DSLR digital camera is designed with a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor that boasts of an Optical Image Stabilization system. This system helps to make the picture clearer and similar to a real-life image. In addition, you can enjoy a tremendous 6000 x 4000 pixels for any shot you take, thanks to the DIGIC 6 processor of this device.

Another major feature of this product is that it supports RAW files, which offers more advanced post-processing options. As a vlogger, this is the kind of camera David Dobrik will use.

When it comes to the display of the Canon 80D DSLR, it prides itself with a 3-inch LCD touchscreen of about 1,050,000 dots resolution. This is far better than the previous camera used by David Dobrik.

As an exquisitely designed camera, it allows you to personalize the settings to your taste. In addition, you can take beautiful selfies, courtesy of the self-portrait mode of this device.

What Kind of Camera Does David Dobrik Use – Sony DSCHX80/B

At first, the kind of camera David Dobrik used was the Sony DSCHX80/B digital camera before switching to the Canon 80D DSLR.

The Sony DSCHX80/B is equipped with an 18MP BSI-CMOS sensor and a Bionz X processor. With these features, you can take a photograph of 4896 x 3672 pixels, which is the highest resolution of the camera. However, we suspect one of the reasons David Dobrik dumped it for the Canon 80D DSLR is because its resolution is not exactly the best.

Furthermore, a major drawback of the BSI-CMOS sensor is that it does not support RAW files. Nonetheless, if you still want a camera that supports RAW files, you can opt for the Canon EOS M5 digital camera.

In addition, the Sony DSCHX80/B weighs about 245g and measures 4.02 x 2.28 x 1.42 inches. Going by the fact that standard compact cameras weigh less than 188g, it’s safe to say that the Sony DSCHX80/B is quite a heavy camera. In fact, it is 8mm thicker than your regular compact digital cameras.

Another reason you might be uncomfortable with the Sony DSCHX80/B camera is that it is not equipped with weather sealings to protect it from the elements.

In light of this, you have to be very careful when using it in wet, dusty and ultra-hot environments. This kind of camera is not exactly the best for people like David Dobrik.

Sony DSCHX80/B comes with a 24-720 mm F3.5-6.4 30x lens that allows you to zoom in and out, so you can get a detailed capture of unforgettable moments. However, the camera does not have an external flash, so you have to manage the internal one.

Furthermore, the Sony DSCHX80/B is fitted with a 3-inch tilting LCD display screen that has a mind-boggling resolution of 921,000 dots. This will make taking of selfies easier and better.

This digital camera is equipped with an inbuilt electronic viewfinder that boasts of a 100% coverage. So the quality of you observe through the viewfinder is the same thing you will have after saving the image. For this reason, you will not need to edit your images after shooting.

Additionally, the Sony DSCHX80/B allows you to shoot your video at a maximum resolution of about 1920 x 1080. After recording, you can save these videos in XAVC, MPEG-4 and AVCHD formats. However, you can’t connect this device to headsets and microphones. But if you require a digital camera that you can connect to external microphones and headsets, check out Canon EOS Rebel T6i and Nikon D5300 digital cameras.

This device comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can transfer pictures to computer gadgets without any cable. You will be blown away by the proprietary software application which let’s you control the camera remotely from any location.

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Our Take on the Cameras Used by David Dobrik

David Dobrik is one of the few persons who have managed to remain relevant in the vlogging industry. It’s difficult to know the kind of camera David Dobrik use because he doesn’t talk about it. However, we know his early comic videos were shot with the Sony DSCHX80/B. With that camera, he attracted a lot of subscribers to his YouTube channel.

In 2018, David Dobrik switched to Canon 80D DSLR, which we think he is still using to date. The camera is packed with tons of features that will take your photography and vlogging game to the next level.

Currently, we can’t say what kind of camera David Dobrik is using. He may have changed the Canon 80D DSLR by now.

What Kind of Camera Does David Dobrik Use – Related FAQs

What is the Cheapest Camera for Vlogging?

The cheapest camera for vlogging is the Canon Powershot SX140 IS. It is a compact digital camera with a zoom length of 40x. The Canon Powershot SX140 is cheaper than the Nikon L840, yet it offers more features. Although its video resolution is not exactly the best, the manual focus mode will compensate for that.

The Canon Powershot SX140 is the only low-budget camera that comes with a manual focus mode, so vloggers will find it more effective than other cameras out there.

What is the Best Camera for Facebook Live?

Logitech’s C922 PRO is the best camera for Facebook live. The Logitech C922 PRO is a web camera specially designed and developed for professional video streaming on social websites for gaming and entertainment. It features a full high-definition glass lens with exceptional autofocus delivery that can shoot 1080pixelsand 720pixels HD videos at 30 frames per second.

It also has two in-built microphones that capture a user’s voice. However, the user may want to consider getting more efficient microphones. Other features include automatic light correction, background replacement, wide field-view and compatibility with Windows 7.

Do YouTubers Use their Phones to Record?

YouTubers use their phones to make videos. Recent android and iOS devices are optimized to have amazing cameras with 4K resolution that not only compete with the video quality from filming cameras but because first, they are the first device at hand, and second, they are easier to use.

However, if a YouTuber decides to use a phone to film, the YouTuber may want to look into video editing software and online classes for creating intro videos. Some key factors to bear in mind as an entry-level YouTuber are: YouTube’s guidelines and policies regarding video creation, attractive thumbnails, cross-promotion, tags and description, among others.

What Phone has the Best Camera Quality?

The Huawei P40 Pro Plus has the best camera quality. Its primary camera is accompanied by a 1/1.28. inch super large quad-Bayer sensor which is capable of producing an image output of 12MP. It also has a 50MP high definition camera with 5x optical zoom technology optimized for its tele-camera. The increased pixels and enlarged sensor retains massive details and take in more light for amazing photos with super clarity.

Furthermore, this camera boasts of optical image stabilization that is quite difficult to install on large sensors and a 40MP super sensing cine ultra-wide camera.

Are iPhones Good for Vlogging?

iPhones are good for vlogging. iPhone video blogging allows a vlogger to shoot, correct and produce the videos all on a single device. Recent specs on iPhones are just as stunning as rival cameras. They do not require a long list of accessories to set up a simple vlog since the phone’s video setting is very easy.

Although the iPhone’s native video function can be used, it may not give the best of videos in all situations. A more convenient alternative will be to download apps like Filmic.

Are GoPros Good for Vlogging?

GoPros are good for video blogging. These cameras are super portable as they can easily fit into a pocket. This is especially useful for vloggers that travel frequently. GoPros also create wonderful 4K images and can easily be set up over a tripod or monopod.

New GoPro cameras have built-in microphones that are less responsive to wind and background noise and this is a plus since they can now handle audio much better. Furthermore, getting the right protective gear for your camera protects its sturdy design and makes it harder to break.

What Camera Lens Do YouTubers Use?

YouTubers use the Rokinon 35mm Cine T1.5 Prime lens and Sigma 17-50nm f/2.8 lens. The Rokinon prime lens is an indispensable accessory in a YouTuber’s arsenal. It was developed basically for video and movie applications. This lens features a professional-standard gear for the aperture ring and focus, with the aperture ring de-clicked for better control and iris pull.

The Sigma 17-50nm f/2.8 lens features an ergonomic design, state of the art optical stabilization system and a nice zoom range. This camera lens can conveniently fit into any hand-held camera and it is cheaper than other competing brands like Canon and Nikon.