Unleashing the Potential of iPhone Camera Timer Burst: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mastering the iPhone camera timer burst feature can revolutionize your photography skills. This little-known feature combines two powerful tools – the timer and burst mode – offering you creative possibilities for group photos, action shots, and more. Let’s break it down together, step by step.

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Understanding iPhone Camera Timer Burst

The iPhone camera timer burst function is a combination of the iPhone camera’s Timer and Burst Mode features. Typically, a timer is used to delay the shutter, allowing you to get into the frame before the picture is taken. Burst mode, on the other hand, takes multiple photos in quick succession, ideal for capturing moving subjects. Together, these tools offer a powerful, yet under-utilized functionality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using iPhone Camera Timer Burst

Step 1: Open Your Camera App

Tap on the Camera icon on your iPhone screen to open the camera app. It is typically located on the home screen. If you cannot find it, swipe right or down from the home screen and type ‘Camera’ in the search bar.

Step 2: Select the Timer and Burst Mode

Once your Camera app is open, look for the timer icon at the top of your screen. It looks like a clock. Tap it and select either 3 or 10 seconds. After setting the timer, tap and hold the shutter button. This activates Burst Mode.

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Step 3: Position Your iPhone

Now, it’s time to position your iPhone for the photo. Make sure it’s steady. You can use a tripod or prop it against something stable. The important thing is that your iPhone stays still during the iPhone camera timer burst sequence.

Step 4: Strike a Pose or Capture the Action

As soon as the timer countdown begins, prepare for the shot. If you are in the photo, get into position. If you are capturing action, point the camera at the moving subject. Your iPhone will then take a series of photos in quick succession.

Step 5: Select Your Favorite Photos

After taking the photos, go to your Photos app and select the burst of photos. Tap ‘Select’ at the bottom to review and choose your favorite photos from the burst.


Using the “iPhone camera timer burst” function can help you capture perfect moments in the best possible way. Though it might seem complicated at first, practice makes perfect. So, go ahead, try out this feature, and enhance your iPhone photography game!