How To Sell A Camera

How to Sell a Camera — 6 Effective Tips

If you have your eye on a new camera and would like it as a replacement for the one you currently own, then you might be interested in finding out how to sell that your camera so as to be able to afford the new one.

Here, we will be helping you with some simple tips that could help you get a good bargain on your fairly used camera. But before that…

How To Sell A Camera

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A Few Things You Might Need Before You Sell a Camera

Take note of the following before selling a camera:

i. The receipt

ii. The pack

The Receipt

It is always very important that you keep your evidence of payment after purchasing any item, especially things of value like a camera. 

When you want to resell, your potential buyer — especially if you are selling to a stranger — would like to be sure that it wasn’t stolen. Or that it was bought from a trusted supplier or the manufacturers themselves.

Also, if there still is an existing warranty on the camera, the person you are selling it to would need the receipt to benefit from it.

Basically, the receipt is very important. If you don’t have it, then you just landed a huge blow on your chances of selling your camera at a good price.

The Pack

You get a plus if you are able to repackage the camera in the pack it came in, with the manual and other little things there. 

The aim, of course, is not to give a false impression that it is a new camera. The aim, however, is to present and market it in such a way that the potential buyer knows that what he is about to buy is still in good shape.

Now that these things have been noted, let’s now get to the main business for the day.

How To Sell A Camera

i. Use a middleman

ii. Sell it yourself

Use a Middleman

There are companies and stores that are in the business of buying used electronics and reselling. These companies are actually an awesome option for you to exchange your camera for some cash.

So, what you basically have to do is just take your camera to them, they inspect and examine it and then they tell you how much they are willing to pay for it.

If you agree on a price, then congratulations, you have successfully sold your camera. It’s that easy!

To be honest, this route might not be getting you your best bargain on your used camera, but it is definitely the more stress-free option.

You don’t have to worry about finding the right buyer, shipping it to them if you are not in the same country; none of that. Just submit it to these middlemen and do your exchange. What they choose to do with the camera from then on ceases to be your business.

Also, there are some companies who specialize in buying and selling used photography equipment.

You have a higher chance of striking a good deal with such companies than with other generic ones. That is if you are sure that your camera is in great condition.

Sell it Yourself

Now, this one involves quite some steps and it can actually stress you out. But in return, you get higher returns than if you sell using a middleman.

What Tips Do You Need to Get a Good Deal When selling a Camera?

To reach a good deal when when selling a camera, take note of the following:

i. Get good pictures of the camera

ii. Give accurate information

iii. Social Media

iv. Retail sites

v. Family and friends

vi. Throw in a little extra stuff

1. Get Good Pictures of the Camera

Great pictures are the very first step to successfully selling any product as that is what first gets the attention of the potential buyer.

If you are trying to sell a camera, we assume that you are into photography, so, getting good pictures ought not to be much of a challenge for you.

However, you need to bear in mind that you are taking those pictures not just to put up as works of art, but to actually get people to be interested in your product.

If you want to know more about how that can be achieved then do some research about product photography. 

2. Give Accurate Information

It is important — and only fair — that you give accurate and detailed information about the current condition of the camera in addition to the model number.

If there is any problem with any part of the camera, don’t omit that piece of information. Buyers deserve to know what they are getting before they decide to part with their money.

Furthermore, the shutter count must have depreciated since the time you bought it, so, we think it is important to also include what the current count is alongside other pieces of information.

More so, it will do you good to gather information about the camera and how it is currently doing in the market.

You would like to know how much a new one is going for. This will help a bit in fixing your own price looking at how long you have used it for and what shape it currently is in.

You could also do well to check if the software can be updated to a newer version. This will definitely increase your chances of getting better bargains on the camera.

Also, if you can, try and change the camera body if it doesn’t look so good. People will definitely be more willing to buy it then.

3. Social Media

Put pictures and information about the camera you want to sell on your social media. You never can tell, with the retweets, reposting, likes, sharing, your post could just get to your potential customer.

We would advise that, when you do this, you do not withhold any piece of information — including the price you will be selling it for.

You could state that the price is negotiable, but people always prefer to see the price of what they are interested in before they send a message.

Also, this way, you know that people who message you are not people who are just interested in the camera but can also afford it.

4. Retail Sites

Retail sites like eBay, Craigslist, and the likes are great places for people to sell their used stuff in no time. So, why not list your camera?

Of course, there are procedures to follow before your product goes live on their sites, but they are not complicated at all.

Now, if you will be taking any of these two routes to sell your camera (social media or retail sites), we advise that you take safety precautions.

First of all, we would advise that you insist that payments be made using PayPal rather than cash. It is much safer. You get to receive payment before the item is dispatched.

However, if they insist on meeting for the exchange, insist that it be in a public place and receive cash only, no checks.

But our more preferred method is still using PayPal. It is the safest medium we know of.

5. Family and Friends

Your friends and relatives are useful in more ways than you might think. You might have one friend, cousin, niece, or nephew, who is about to delve into the world of photography. Of course, selling them your camera is not a bad idea.

They would surely feel a lot safer buying from someone they already know and have a relationship with. And of course, they would trust that they will be getting their money’s worth.

Also, with good salesmanship, you can convince your rich uncle that he needs a camera, and that way, land yourself a good deal. Lol!

6. Throw in a Little Extra Stuff

Apart from the fact that you have a good camera up for sale at a (perhaps) really affordable price, you ought to know that it takes more than that to get people to buy your item.

Also, whether you know them or not, you have competition. So, throwing in a little extra something could work in winning that potential buyer over to your side.

For example, you could give out a free memory card, free extra batteries, a free camera bag, or any other stuff you could afford to give out just to encourage your potential customers to patronize you.

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In Conclusion…

So, if you are able to successfully sell your camera, congratulations! Now you can get a new one.

When you do get a new one, it is important that you already start preparing for the possibility of reselling it in the future.

Keep the receipt. Keep the pack. Make conscious efforts to keep your camera in good shape. And you can do that by cleaning it regularly and protecting it against scratches and all sorts.

Remember, being able to get a good bargain on your camera depends on what you do from the moment you purchase it.

So, now that you know how to sell a camera, you are now one step closer to getting that newly announced camera model you’ve had your eye on.

Anyway, whether you are looking to make a sale again in the future or not, always try to render quality services and leave a good impression on your customer.

How to Sell a Camera – Related FAQs

Are Old Cameras Worth Any Money?

Old cameras are worth some money. However, the worth of the camera depends on the brand reputation, and the working condition of the camera at that instant. The name and specifications of the camera should give the idea of what the camera can do. The reputation of the brand may or may not attract a premium.

Also, check that all parts of the camera are in good working condition. Quality cameras will always attract a premium, so even when they are old, they would still sell at a valuable price.

Do Pawnshops Buy Cameras?

Pawnshops buy almost all types of digital cameras. They, however, prefer to purchase brand-new digital cameras instead of old film cameras. Notwithstanding, if an old camera is still in good working condition and can return a profit, then the pawnshop would take a run for it.

Unlike individuals, pawnshops will present an offer the moment the cameras are brought in to be sold. This means that the seller does not go through the hassle of returning to ask for payment. The seller walks in with the camera and walks out with the cash.

Where Can I Sell My GoPro for Cash?

Old GoPro cameras can be sold to pawnbrokers and on trading websites. Some websites like, work with gadget recyclers to help people find the best prices for their gadgets. They offer the option of swapping old cameras for newly upgraded ones and upgrading old ones by paying a token.

Usually, the sites require that the camera’s details are filled and then prices that buyers are willing to pay pop up on the screen. In the end, the seller decides whether or not to sell the camera.

How Do I Get Cheap Camera Gear?

A cheap camera gear can be purchased from a pawnshop, a photographer or trading websites. Usually, photographers put up their old cameras for sale once they get a new one. However, endeavor to check that the seller is not a professional photographer.

Also, try to buy from someone who can give their real name and ask for the reason the camera is being sold. This will help to clear the doubt that the item is not stolen and is in good working condition. Finally, check for the shutter actuation count before buying. The shutter count will help in negotiating the price later on.

What is the Best Inexpensive Camera?

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W800 is the best budget-friendly camera on the market. The camera comes with a 20.1-megapixel image sensor, 5x optical zoom and a 2.7 inch LCD screen not to mention the compactness of the gadget. The megapixel rating of the camera delivers quality images that come out with intense color and better detail when they are shot in bright lighting.

The images can be saved to an SD card that can be inserted alongside the battery. Also, its optical zoom is capable of capturing a subject reasonably far from the point of capture. Although, it is easy to place a finger over the camera’s flash unconsciously, the act can be avoided.

Does B&H Photo Buy Used Cameras?

B&H photos purchase and sell used cameras. They are well-grounded in the art of buying and reselling used electronic gadgets and pre-owned gears. Each item is taken through a rigorous scanning process that helps to ensure that each item is in good working condition and is sold for the best price. A potential seller can reach out to them in person by visiting their store in New York City. If the task is strenuous, the seller can easily hit their website and then click on “Cash in your gear” to sell the camera.