How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Camera

How to Get Water Out of iPhone Camera — A Guide

If your iPhone was submerged in water whether intentionally or not, the phone’s camera lens is likely to be one of the major victims. This is why how to get water out of the iPhone camera lens is a topic of interest to many.

How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Camera

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Water or moisture in the interior of your camera’s lens will most definitely affect the quality of pictures taken with the iPhone’s camera.

Of course, moisture on the exterior could easily be dealt with by wiping off with a clean and dry piece of lint-free cloth. But the big deal is usually with moisture in the interior and that is what we will be addressing today.  

If you are using any of the iPhone models before the iPhone 7, then you must know that your device does not have an IP67 rating. And what that implies is that it is not water resistant.

So, if your iPhone was submerged in water, then there is a huge chance that more than just the camera was affected. In that case, we would advise that you just take the device straight to a repair shop so it can be looked at.

Anyway, if you are just interested in getting the moisture out of your iPhone camera lens, then the tips below will be helpful.

How to Get Water Out Of iPhone Camera?

To get water out of an iPhone, do the following:

i. Put it in rice

ii. Disassemble the phone and leave to dry

iii. Take the iPhone to a repair shop

1. Put It In Rice

You must have heard this phrase used very often on social media or even in random conversations. Well, as funny as it might sound, it does actually work!

If you just discovered that there is moisture in your iPhone camera (or anywhere else really), putting it in rice is really like first aid for your phone.

Get a sack of uncooked rice (or pour some quantity in a plastic container). Put your phone inside, making sure that every part of the device is buried in the rice. Leave it there for 24 hours and check back for any improvement.

What the rice does is that it soaks up the moisture, thereby getting rid of the water in your iPhone’s camera lens and other parts that might have been affected. 

If after 24 hours, you notice that the moisture is still there, leave it for another 24 hours. If there is still no improvement, then maybe try out the next step.

PS: if your phone didn’t go off itself, make sure to turn it off before undergoing this exercise.

2. Disassemble The Phone And Leave To Dry

If putting it in rice did not work, here is another thing you could try. If you cannot disassemble your phone by yourself, don’t take a risk, take it to a repair shop ASAP.

However, if you are comfortable doing it yourself, then go ahead. After you’re done disassembling it, place it on a surface such that the camera lens is facing upwards.

It might help to place the phone at an angle where it will be hit by some sunlight. But we do not advise that you place it directly under the sun.

Leave it there for a couple of hours and check back for improvement. If there is still no improvement, then there might only be one more possible remedy…

3. Take iPhone to a Repair Shop

You might ask “why not just take it to the repair shop once you observe the moisture in the camera lens?” well because the earlier tips we gave are usually effective and are a lot more economical.

But can you afford the cost of repair without any trouble at all? If yes, then you could skip the earlier steps and take it straight to the repair shop.

Also, have you tried the earlier steps and haven’t gotten the moisture out? Yes? Then this might just be your last resort.

However, make sure you take it to a trusted repair shop so that you are guaranteed to get professional services.

We would advise that you visit an Apple Store, but they would usually try to sell you the latest iPhone, lol. 

Anyway, ultimately, a repair person should be able to get the moisture out of your iPhone’s camera lens so that you can go back to taking really amazing photos.

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In Conclusion…

Please do note this. Moisture in the iPhone camera lens often occurs after the device has been submerged in water for a few minutes. And this could happen even with the water resistant models (from the 7 forward).

But it is hardly anything to worry too much about. In most cases, the first step we gave works. But if it doesn’t, then the other two would most likely come to your rescue.

Also, if you were able to get rid of the moisture yourself but you then notice that your phone has begun to act up (for example, the screen is being shifty or the phone isn’t charging properly), we would advise that you take it to a repair shop for it to be looked at.

Perhaps you got the water out of the camera lens but didn’t get it out of other places.

Anyway, if none of the tips we gave in this article helped with getting the water out of your iPhone camera, then it is time to lay a complaint to Apple, especially if your iPhone model has an IP67 rating.

Well, do you have any other suggestions on how to get water out of an iPhone camera lens? If yes, please do well to share with us in the comments.

Also, if you have any further questions, do share, too.

How to Get Water Out Of iPhone Camera – Related FAQs

How Do You Defog a Camera Lens?

To defog a camera’s lens, take the already fogged camera to a car or the house and put on the heater. Place the camera lens close to the heater and continuously change the position. If the heat source is a blow-dryer, place the blow-dryer over the top of the lens and move it around the camera’s lens. Keeping the heat directed to a particular spot can damage the lens.

Also, a fogged lens can be avoided by keeping the camera warm. If the temperatures outside and inside differ, it will be wise to keep the equipment covered until needed.

How Do You Get Water Out of Your Phone Camera Without Rice?

To get water out of a phone, get the phone out of the water and immediately put it off. Disassemble the phone if the battery is removable and clean the internal components. If not, take the phone, shake out the water, and clean the body.  Place the phone in silica gel, instant oatmeal or place some synthetic desiccant on it. 

After some time, place the phone close to a table fan and allow it to dry better. Endeavor to keep the phone off for at least two days before putting it on.

How Can I Fix My Old Water Damaged Phone?

To fix a water-damaged phone, retrieve the phone from the water and turn off the device. Turning it off will prevent the probability of a short circuit. Wipe the phone clean using microfiber towels and remove the internal components if they are removable. Place the components on a sim tray and wipe them dry. If the battery is not removable, sit the phone upright and allow the water to come out.

Place the device in a bheestie bag or an airtight pouch and place some synthetic desiccant in it. Some airtight pouches, however, come with desiccants fully enveloped in them. Allow the phone to sit for no less than forty-eight hours before turning it on.

What are Signs of Water Damage on a Phone?

To check if a phone is water-damaged, take out the phone’s casing and examine the water damage indicator. The water damage indicator is a white dot usually located behind the battery panel (on the phone itself) and, in some cases, on the battery.

If the indicator is still white, the phone is not water-damaged. If the indicator is discolored or looks red, the phone is most likely water-damaged. If the phone’s battery is not removable, carry out a google search to determine where the water damage indicator is located.

How Long Does Water Damage Take to Show on iPhone?

The indication of water damage on an iPhone depends on the amount of time the phone was submerged. However, if the phone has been submerged, the liquid contact indicator can be checked to clear any doubts. The indicator is a small white tab that turns red when the phone is water-damaged.

The locations of the indicators differ from each model. For an iPhone 4s and 4, the indicator is found in the charging port. For an iPhone SE, 5,5C, 5S, 6, 6S and 6S Plus, the indicator is found in the sim card slot. The indicator can also be found in the sim card slot for the iPhone 7 and 7S models.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone?

The cost of fixing a water-damaged iPhone is between $150 and $350. The cost of repair also depends on the level of damage and the model of the iPhone. It is usually advisable to get an iPhone repaired by Apple itself.

The phone can be taken to an Apple store nearby for repairs. There is also an option for a complete replacement for a reasonable amount. If the price is on the high side, then a new phone would be the best option.

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