How to Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to iPhone

How to Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to iPhone – Detailed Answer 

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to protect your property against intruders is by installing a Bunker Hill Security System. This security system can be connected to just about any device with internet connection, so if you want to know how to connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to iPhone and other computer devices, you are in the right place!

How to Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to iPhone

In this article, we will let you know what a Bunker Hill security system is. In addition, we will show you how to connect it to your iPhone and other devices such as: tablets, laptops, Mac and Android devices.

What is Bunker Hill Security?

Bunker Hill Security is an American company that specializes in the manufacturing of security systems for homes, offices and public spaces. The products made by the brand include wireless security cameras, surveillance DVRs, outdoor cameras, color cameras, Night Vision cameras and alert systems.

Bunker Hill Security also makes motion sensors that can be connected to alarm systems to prevent intruders from gaining unauthorized access into a property.

The good thing about a Bunker Hill Security Camera is that it enables you control its operation when connected to devices like iPhone, Androids, tablets and Mac. It gives users tons of surveillance system options equipped with features such as: flat screen monitor, multiple recording modes and external storage.

Once you are able to setup this system, you can be sure that no burglar can get on your property without you seeing the person immediately.

How to Connect a Bunker Hill Security System to an iPhone?

To connect a Bunker Hill Security camera to an iPhone, do the following:

i. Download any trusted security app

ii. Choose your preferred settings

iii. Save the settings

iv. Do a preview

i. Download Any Trusted Security App

Start by downloading any security app on Apple Store. Some of these apps include AtHome Camera, SuperLivePro, Asee, Night Owl X, and TechPro. Then, install and launch it. If done correctly, it should take you to the main menu with several settings.

ii. Choose Your Preferred Settings

Click on the only box icon located at the top left on the app. This should lead you to a page with several settings. Click on device manager and then, click add. On the add page, an outlined setting of name, address, port, username, password and number of channels is displayed.

You can create any username of your choice (for this article, we will using BH model as our username). The address is the internal IP address of your digital video recorder (DVR). It needs to be inputted into the configuration of the app before it can work with the network of your iPhone.

The port is the transmission control protocol (TCP) of your DVR. The username and password are what you use to log in to the DVR. The channel amount is the total number of cameras on your DVR.

iii.Save the Settings

The next step is to click on “save” and go back to the main interface. Then click on the device manager and it will lead you to a new page that shows you all the DVRs you have added to the system. You can now click on your newly created connection and the information you inputted will be displayed on the page.

iv. Do a Preview

Click on the “Preview” icon and you will see four blank windows. These windows represent the channels you will be viewing to see if there is any intruder on your property. If you click on any window, it will take you to all of the added DVRs on the system.

Click on the newly created DVR (BH model) so you can view all the channels on your DVR. Click on any channel (for example, cam 6) and repeat same procedure for all the other windows. You can view your channels in the portrait mode or double tap on a window if you want to see a channel in full screen.

You will be able to scroll left or right, as well as take a screenshot. Additionally, changing or adding more channels won’t be an issue with this system.

Apart from needing an external IP address to connect, you may also need a different name to differentiate. You can simply add an “out” or “leave” to differentiate. Then connect your DVR using the same procedures above.

Also make sure that your Wi-Fi is switched off, so you will be the only means that will have access to your DVR from outside the network.
Check out the video below to learn more…

How to Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to Android and Tablet Devices?

To connect a Bunker Hill Security camera to Android and tablet devices, do the following:

i. Download and install the app

ii. Add DVRs

iii. Preview the channels

i. Download and Install the App

Download the app from Google Play Store and install it (note that all the apps mentioned for iPhone have their Android versions). Then launch the app, and it will lead you to the main interface. Click on device manager, then click on add and manual add. The page containing the outline of needed information like name, username, address is displayed. Input the information needed and click on “Save”.

ii. Add DVRs

After that, go back to the main menu and click on device manager. A page containing all the new DVRs will be appear on the screen. Then click on the newly added connection and the inputted information will be displayed on this page.

iii. Preview the Channels

You can connect your Android or tablet device to the DVR and view the camera by going back to the main interface. Simply click on “Live Preview” and four blank windows will be appear on your screen. These windows are simply the channels you’ll be viewing. Click on any window of your choice and click the plus sign in the window. A list of already added DVRs will be displayed, click on the newly created connection and click on any camera or channel of your choice.

You can do this for all the other windows. In addition, you can view the windows individually by double clicking and you can scroll towards any direction of your choice. However, ensure that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi or the internal router your DVR is connected to.

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Protecting your property from burglars has become easier with the Bunker Hill Security System. The amazing thing about this system is that you can connect it to your iPhone and Android devices with just a few easy steps. This way, you can be sure of maximum protection, even when you are away.

How to Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to iPhone — Related FAQs

What are the Best Bunker Hill Security Alternatives?

The best Bunker Hill Security system alternatives are SimpliSafe, Abode and Frontpoint. What makes these alternatives better than Bunker Hill Security cameras is that they offer 24/7 monitoring services. But then, that is understandable because Bunker Hill Security cameras are relatively cheaper.

SimpleSafe cameras have a modern and sleek design, which will easily blend in with the decor of homes and offices. Abode and Frontpoint security cameras have simple designs and allows customers to customize them to meet their security needs.

How Do You Pair a Bunker Hill Security Camera?

To pair a Bunker Hill Security camera to another camera, connect the camera to a monitor within 30cm. Next, tap the Menu icon and select Camera Pairing. Now choose a channel to pair the camera with and quickly click the Pair button before the pairing time elapses.

In the event that the Bunker Hill Security Camera fails to pair, other devices around the environment may be the cause of the interference. Hence, ensure that no other wireless devices are present when pairing.

How Do I Connect My Bunker Hill Security Camera to My TV?

To connect a Bunker Hill Security Camera to a TV, first connect the camera to the NVR via an Ethernet Cat cable. Then connect the NVR to the TV via an HDMI cable. After that, power on the Bunker Hill Security Camera NVR with its power adapter and switch on the TV. The live view will be displayed at the point.

All accessories needed to connect the Bunker Hill Security Camera to a TV come with the NVR system package.

How Do I Connect My IP Camera to My Android Phone?

To connect an IP camera to an Android phone, first connect the phone to a wireless network. Next, install and launch an IP webcam on the phone. Next, press the “Start Server” icon located at the bottom-center of the main screen. The video and audio will start recording immediately.

To ensure that the IP camera is properly connected to the Android device, click on the microphone icon and talk with your mouth directed towards the microphone on the Android phone. If the talk feature is not working, it probably means that it is disabled. Simply, go to the microphone settings and enable it.

How do I Connect My Wireless CCTV Camera to My Phone?

To connect a wireless CCTV camera to a phone, the CCTV DVR should be connected to a monitor via an HDMI cable. The next step is to configure the DVR network settings by disabling the “Obtain IP Automatically” feature.

After that, configure the Wi-Fi router for DVR by opening a browser’s and router’s homepage and entering the required fields, which include Port, IP Address and Protocol. Other fields can be left in their default settings. Finally, double-check the settings before connecting to the Android device.

Does Bunker Hill Security Camera Record?

The wireless and outdoor cameras manufactured by Bunker Hill Security can record but the Color Security System and Night Vision cameras don’t have inbuilt recorders.

However, to record with these cameras, connect an AV Out port to a DVR and recording will be possible. The signal needs to be split to RCA AV jacks from a single 3.5mm output jack. The Color Security System and Night Vision cameras should be able to record if this is done correctly.