How to Hide Security Camera Wires — Everything You Need to Know

The operation of security cameras has been made easier and faster with the introduction of user-friendly features. But the wiring system of these cameras can be a hassle sometimes. Hence, you may be wondering how to conceal surveillance camera wires, so they don’t mar the appearance of your property.

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Security camera wires are not supposed to be exposed because intruders can easily disconnect the signal from your camera. Plus, their clumsy nature may be a source of domestic hazards. So, we intend to show you how to install a security camera and ways to hide it from the prying eyes of burglars.

How to Install Security Cameras?

To install a security camera, choose an appropriate location for positioning the security camera. Next, mark the length of the security camera, as well as where the bolts and screws will enter. After that, bore a large hole using a spade bit, to feed the Power over Ethernet wire through.

Next, pass the wire through the basement or ceiling to the room where the receiver is positioned. A fish tape will come in handy here due to its flexibility.

Note that a drill bit can be used in place of a spade bit. If you want to install security systems like closed circuit television (CCTV) and internet protocol (IP) cameras, you will need to get a wire called Power over Ethernet (PoE).

This cable, coupled with the network video recorder allows you to fix the camera and receiver at different locations in your house. Some of the tools you will need to wire a surveillance camera include: fish tape, spade bit and extender cords.

9 Ways to Hide Security Camera Wires

Here are some of the easy ways to hide security camera cables:

i. Paint the wires

ii. Use plastic casings

iii. Hide wires in false ceilings

iv. Hide wires in tall fences and shrubs

v. Bury wires in the ground

vi. Hide wires in a metal box

vii. Hide security camera wires in baseboards

viii. Bury the wires in your porch

ix. Conceal security camera wires in soffits

Paint the Wires

To begin with, one of the easiest ways to conceal the wires of your surveillance camera is by painting it with the same color of your walls. But you have to clip the set of wires together before painting them. This way, you beautify your home as well as protect the wires from intruders who may want to disconnect them so they can gain access into your property.

Also, it will be cost-effective for you to get cables that are same color with your walls. But this might be hard because most power cables come in only white and black colors.

Use Plastic Casings

To start with, using plastic pipes to cover your security camera wires is not exactly the easiest task. So you have to be good at household electrical works before you can do-it-yourself.

This method involves running a plastic pipe through the walls of your building and then feeding your security camera cables through it. The good thing about this method is that it compliments the look of your building, as well as protect your wires from burglars, animals and harsh weather conditions.

The major drawback of using plastic casings to hide your surveillance camera wires is that it can be quite difficult to remove when the need arises.

Hide Wires in False-ceilings

If your property has a false-ceiling, it can be a good spot to hide your security camera wires. This method ensures the cables are undetectable by thieves.

Before you can run security cables through the false-ceiling of your building, you must first locate the gap in your ceiling. But then, you don’t have to drill through the walls of your building.

Hide Wires in Tall Fences and Shrubs

Another way to secure your security camera wires from burglars is by hiding them in tall fences and tall shrubs in your premises. When placing the wires on a tall fence or tall shrub, ensure that you place them as high as possible, so that intruders may not see them. And even if they see them, the height will discourage them to attempt any criminal act.

Also, as a trick, you can paint your security camera wires to match the color of your fence. This way, no one will ever notice they are there in the first place.

But note that you have to thread the fence and drill through studs before you can securely hide your security camera wires. Hence, you may require the assistance of a security camera expert to carry out this operation.

Bury the Wires in the Ground

As a matter of fact, most security system experts will tell you that burying security camera cables in the ground is one of the best ways to hide them outdoors. Most especially if you are running cables for more than one camera.

This method involves connecting the cables and cameras in the ground, so you must determine the appropriate route the wires will pass. After that, look for a short way to join the security cameras to a central system.

Although this method is good, it also has a disadvantage. To begin with, the wires may cut accidentally underground while you will think it’s the camera that is faulty. This is the reason most people don’t to bury their wires.

Hide Wires in a Metal Box

A new way to hide security camera wires outside of your house is by putting them in a metal box. It is usually installed close to the camera.

Using a metal box also helps to protect the wires from harsh weather conditions and animals like rats, squirrels and birds.

In addition, it will be quite difficult to open by intruders once it is closed. And if an intruder still decides to go ahead with the disconnection, the camera will capture him.

Furthermore, if you are using a security camera that is equipped with night vision and motion sensor, you will receive video and audio signals in your mobile device when there is an attempt to disconnect your security camera cables.

Hide Security Camera Wires in Baseboards

A baseboard is a panel that between the interior wall and floor of a building. Running security camera wires through the baseboard of your building can be a great way of concealing it and still maintaining its tidy look.

You can easily detach a baseboard and mount it back when the need arises.

Bury the Cables in Your Porch

Another way you can hide your security camera wires is by burying them in your porch. However, note that this method will be a lot easier if you do it when building your house.

With this method, passers-by and intruders will have no clue about the location of your security camera wires. And even if they do, it will take them a lot time and energy to unearth the wires.

Conceal Security Camera Wires in Soffits

Soffits are fitted to protect the eaves of a building. They help to shield your roof against the elements.

You can use soffits to hide your security camera wires by running them along your roof’s edges. This way, burglars will find it very difficult to detect and disconnect your surveillance system. Plus, the shelf-life of your security cables is extended.

How Safe are Wireless Security Systems?

Wireless security cameras are safe if they are properly installed and regularly maintained. Instead of going through the stress of hiding security camera wires from people, animals and harsh weather, consider wireless security cameras.

Also, wireless security cameras are operated the same way as wired systems. You just have to mount the security camera in the right location and press the power button to turn it on or off.

Overall, the major drawback of wireless security cameras is that they tend to be more expensive than wired ones.

How to Run Security Cameras Wires Outside

Follow the steps below to run security cameras outdoors:

i. Mount the surveillance camera close to the power outlet.

ii. Ensure that you the power outlet is properly sealed.

iii. Drill small holes to run the wires through.

iv. Next, use a fish tape to join all the wires, so they won’t be loose.

v. Put the wires in the hole and close every openings.

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All in all, exposing your security camera wires can mar the look of your property. It can also attract burglars, animals as well as shorten the lifespan of the surveillance camera wires. Hence, you have to hide your security camera wires.

There are several ways to hide your security camera wires but the best option will be to opt for wireless cameras.

How to Hide Security Camera Wires – Related FAQs

Can I Use Cat5 for Security Cameras?

CAT-5 can be used for providing power for security cameras, just like Power over Ethernet (PoE). CAT-5 is a short form of Category 5 cables. They are designed to provide over 15 Watts of power, even though most security cameras require less than that. CAT-5 cables are made of normal copper 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG) wires, which allows them to transfer current to devices like security cameras, which require low-voltage electricity.

Two things must be put into consideration when making use of CAT-5 cables: voltage drop and the resistance of the cable.

How Do You Hide the Wires in a Wall with Insulation?

The best way to hide security camera wires in a wall with insulation is by using a fiberglass rod. This fiberglass rod should be attached to the end of a cable by threading one end of the wire through the opening in the bull-nose. If the cable is quite large for fishing, thread a pull-cord into the bull-nose.

Next, push the fiberglass rod to the opening created by the drill bit. The fiberglass rod will be fed through the opening, while an assistant joins the cable to the pull-cord retrieve it with the cable.

Can You Run Cat5 Cable Next to Power?

A CAT-5 cable is not recommended to be run next to an electrical wiring, even though it is designed to shield itself from external interference. Instead, a CAT-5 cable should be run down a stud while electrical wiring is run down another. This is because low voltage and high voltage needs to be separated, otherwise, poorly fitted screws, staples and stray nails can puncture the cables and make a low voltage cable, high voltage. So, distancing is the best way to prevent such potential damage.

Is Cat5 or Coax Better for CCTV?

CAT-5 cables are better for CCTV camera wiring for several reasons. To start with they make long-distance video transmission possible. CAT-5 cables can be used for a thousand meters color video transmission. They also help in diverting CCTV signals from Electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is a feature that coax cables lack.

Another reason why CAT-5 cables are better than coax cables is because of their PTZ camera functionality. A CAT5-wired cable can be used to power and transmit data through a PTZ camera.

How Do You Hide Wires under Cabinets?

To hide security camera wires under a cabinet, the first thing to do is to cut the cabinet’s underside where the wires will be hidden. The fixture end which will be fed through the underside of the cabinet will need to have a wooden plank to cover its exposed opening and also serve as a channel to guide the wires to the nearest wall socket.

Use a router to create the hole and channel on the plank. Also, use another wooden plank with no openings to conceal the whole construction.

How Do You Make Exposed Wires Safe?

Use an electrical tape to make an exposed security camera wire safe. Electrical tapes should also be used to cap live wires and loose wires to provide extra precaution. Simply tape over the exposed wires so that they will fit into their caps. But, note that the wires should be terminated in a junction box and should not be buried in walls. The reason is because the tapes may fall off due to temperature changes, leaving the wires exposed again and thus dangerous.

Also, exposed wires can be firmly screwed together and the loops bent with a cable stripping tool. Ensure that no wire strand is missed as the screw tightens them.